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KatE Walker Leadership Accelerator Mastermind



Become the Leader that your team is begging for!

There’s a workplace  revolution  going on, like it or not! 

As leaders and managers, we’re pulled in a million different directions, expected to get more done with fewer resources, and forced to cope with budget cuts, corporate crises, reduction of employee benefits, hiring and wage freezes and much more. Not to mention the Great Resignation. These tougher times call for creativity and innovation in leadership.

That's why this private, high-level mastermind was developed.

The #1  problem I'm seeing out there is Managers feel like they have a huge weight on their shoulders. Delivering results AND managing a team is CHALLENGING.

Do you desire a pathway  to the next level of success as leader and manager?

Too many don't have the resources, tools, and high level of support that propels them to greater success. 

If you want to RECLAIM or UPLEVEL your leadership performance edge to lead and motivate others as manager and leader…

Then you really need to ramp up your COMMUNITY, TOOLBOX, and PLAN. There’s no time to wait.

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It can feel lonely when you are on the rise pursuing big goals. AND it can even feel lonely at the TOP.  Sometimes we’re disconnected and unsupported on our career journey and left wondering how to fix the issues.

Sometimes to bring forth  new solutions as a manager you need new fresh perspective.

This mastermind gets you in community with other cutting edge leaders on the same mission as you ready to help you up-level. 

“In business, what’s dangerous is not to evolve”

– Jeff Bezos


According to a LinkedIn survey, upskilling is a priority for 62% of CEOs surveyed.  That means the boss wants results.


Evolve your skills or languish. 

We all know that upskilling is so important right now. To stay current and competitive in the marketplace, the key is continued development and support.

If you want me to coach you to high performance... keep reading.

Employee engagement is no longer just an HR or Manager initiative, it’s a business initiative. The cost of disengaged workers being less productive and creating higher turnover rates might end up being the most expensive item on your P&L.


As a leader, you may be


  • The days are chaotic, unorganized, and frenzied and you can’t seem to get ahead of it.

  • You’re frustrated that you, your colleagues, or your team aren’t fully owning and nailing their jobs. 

  • Your business systems and team structure are broken or non-existent. 

  • Your angst keeps you up at night, and it’s difficult to manage that stress. 

  • You wonder how to eliminate frustrations and turn them around in a clear and easy way.

  • You deeply desire to create a cohesive business, department or team strategy that keeps the right people in the right seats.

  • You desire clear direction you need to move forward and share your compelling goals & go-forward plan with your boss or team.

Do you  desire a high-level, high-vibe group of people who want to be better leaders, an admired boss, and feel more  inspured to show up bigger?

HOW CAN THIS BE  achieved?

To find more optimal pathways to success, leaders are now seeking coaching in a private, yet collaborative setting with a confidential sounding board comprised of like-minded leaders to challenge mistaken assumptions.

The value is in my process created from years of experience.

In this  mastermind, the program will  support  you to:

  • Organize the team and deliver max impact

  • Clarify team roles & maximize zones of genius

  • Deploy the team & improve efficiency

  • Identify levers that the team wants & needs 

  • Identify how to keep continuous engagement 

  • Deploy coaching & watch performance rise

  • Deploy performance reviews & hold the team accountable 

  • Provide a positive team experience & culture

  • Coach & counsel the problem player

  • Expertly handle a coaching & counseling 

  • Coach superstars to even higher performance

  • Amplify your skills as manager & mentor 

  • Set up team dynamics so you feel supported to build trust & commitment.

  • Design a team that sets you apart

  • Amplify your unstoppable confidence & navigate any situation

  • Everything in this mastermind is intentionally curated. The supportive training material, the mastermind sessions, guest coaches and speakers, and so much more has been purposefully designed for client transformation

  • Forward-thinking managers have discovered the same skills coaches use to create winners in athletics work in a business setting as well. This mastermind is designed to teach you powerful employee coaching methods to turn even problem employees into super productive, motivated winners.

  • You'll learn techniques for turbo-charging your leadership skills and getting your employees on track for super performance and much more productivity. 

  • You'll learn how to support an environment of creativity, innovation, and passion, regardless of what type of company you work for. 

  • This container supports emerging and senior leaders and will cover areas including communication, understanding influence, developing internal talent, developing high-performing teams, leading through change, motivation, mindset, even money mindset, and more.

  • A trusted space for like-minded leaders to work through challenges together.


Mastermind benefits include:

✔︎ Exclusive community and collaboration with other ambitious professionals

✔︎ Advice and insights from a two-decade HR leader

✔︎ Shared connections and resources

✔︎ Peer-to-peer mentoring

✔︎ Skill-building opportunities to help you better navigate challenges and goals

✔︎ Experienced guidance on your most thorny work issues

✔︎ Problem-solving, brainstorming, networking, encouragement, motivation, action steps and accountability

✔︎ Incredible and sensible investment. Get the benefit of group coaching in a high level community with LIVE 1:1 hotseat coaching. 

My offer to you:

1. In this Accelerator, I'll be with you LIVE, TWICE a month to set and support your entire month up for momentum and success! (I've never offered LIVE training except in my Elite memberships).

2. Four month commitment with the option to renew.


3. LIVE hotseat coaching. 

4. Recorded Zoom calls. 

5. Access to Tool and Video Vault.


6. Guest speakers – either on our regular days, or as special bonus sessions.

The 4 month investment is $3100 (Payment plan available). This is a program that offers LIVE Coaching which makes this an incredible investment. Ask your boss or company to reimburse you. Easy.

6 VIP Upgrade opportunities: 

  • Upgrade for additional 1:1 coaching (limited spots

  • Upgrade for Kate's review of any relevant materials about your business, team, processes, and approaches that are working and not working. 

Apply for the Leadership Accelerate Now!


Bi-monthly Meetings. Hot Seat Coaching. High-Level Community. 
Let's Go!!

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Kate Walker has worked as a senior-level Human Resources professional for some of the world’s most iconic names in advertising, marketing, sports and
entertainment such as JWT, TBWA Chiat/Day, Publicis, USTA, Sony Interactive and Nintendo.

She has more than two decades of strategic and tactical human capital experience working with thousands of people at various stages of their careers and lives. She has helped global companies, industry leaders and high potential individuals develop, maximize, and transform their pursuits to the fullest.

Kate is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR and SHRM-SCP) and certified Life Coach. She holds a B.A. in Speech Communication. She enjoys professional development and has taken courses with numerous business leaders.

Kate launched Kate Walker Executive Coaching which allows her to work closely with leaders and people who desire personalized, high level coaching to catapult their vision and goals forward.

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