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The most successful people in the surround themselves with brilliant thinkers.

Henry Ford had a mastermind group. Andrew Carnegie and Thomas Edison did too.

Why Mastermind? Because the collective sharing of ideas, resources, insights, knowledge, experience, and connections is powerful.

No matter where you’re starting from or what you want to focus on --there is a program or course designed especially for YOU.

Join a small group of smart people who you’ll meet with (virtually) every two weeks or as designated by the course curriculum. We’ll lean on each other and tackle career challenges and problems together.

Mastermind benefits include:

✔︎ Exclusive community and collaboration with other ambitious professionals

✔︎ Advice and insights from a 20-year HR leader

✔︎ Shared connections and resources

✔︎ Peer-to-peer mentoring

✔︎ Skill-building opportunities to help you better navigate challenges and goals

✔︎ Experienced guidance on your most thorny work issues

✔︎ Problem-solving, brainstorming, networking, encouragement, motivation, action steps and accountability



You'll be part of an exclusive community that begins with a discovery phone call with Kate to see if there’s a mutual fit for the program.


Our mastermind members lean on each other so the quality of individual knowledge, experience, and ambition are critical to the success of all members.


Joining a mastermind rapidly expands your professional network in ways LinkedIn simply cannot touch.


You’ll develop meaningful relationships with smart people who will share resources and have your back.


You’ll no longer be alone—figuring out significant career challenges in a vacuum.


The other members in your mastermind group will become your confidential support system of advisors and mentors.


You’ll learn so much! Besides acquiring new skills, you’ll expand your vision of what’s possible in your career.


You’ll think bigger and feel bolder when it comes to making exciting career upgrades and/or transitions.

Supercharge your goals with guidance, support, and group accountability.

 Our next small group mastermind begins soon.

Curious if the mastermind is right for you? Schedule a no-obligation call. We’ll visit about your situation and I’ll answer any questions you may have about Mastermind Coaching.

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