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Kate Walker, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
HR Consultant & Executive Coach

Experienced leadership with
an accessible approach.

Meet Kate

Kate Walker is a human resources expert and renowned thought leader on team dynamics, people leadership, business results, and mindset.

Through her client engagements, social content, media contributions, and podcast guesting ... she empowers business professionals to design businesses, teams, and people processes that positively impact their professional success in a way they can be excited about.

Kate recently signed a publishing deal to author her memoir which is intended to inspire young women and others who are on their own “self-leadership” journey of reflection, pivots, empowerment, and success on their own terms.

She has been quoted in SHRM's HR Magazine, Authority Magazine, Hive, Ivy Exec and more.

A multi-faceted business professional and
leadership development expert.

-Kate Walker

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Combining her background in communication and human resources leadership with practical advice and a deep knowledge of business and mindset principles, Kate isn’t quite like any other “consultant” or "coach" you’ve encountered.


A true self-made women, while raising two boys as a single parent, Kate worked as a senior human resources leader before teaching herself entrepreneurship. She resigned from corporate life to launch her own business.

Kate’s mission has always been to empower current and aspiring leaders so they can elevate and inspire the business landscape with impactful strategies and processes. Ultimately, impacting results and bottom line.

Today, she is doing so.

Kate is from California and resides in the Bay Area. Her boys are teens.

Kate challenges and inspires people to take confident action as a part of them transitioning from what was to what will be. As a part of that endeavor, Kate has taken years of her own setbacks, successes, and gratitude, and distilled them into simple yet powerful lessons that will help anyone become whom they are truly meant to be.

As a competitive youth tennis player, Kate grew up learning the unfortunate approach “If you’re not winning you’re losing”. After years of self-reflection and self-awareness, she repositioned her approach to be

“if you’re not winning, you’re learning”.

She influences others to embrace their strong suits and talents along with their uniqueness and flaws to have fulfilled and meaningful careers and lives.

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Kate is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources - SPHR & SHRM-SCP.  She earned a B.A. Speech Communication from San Diego State University, and is also proud of her other leadership and training credentials. She has over two decades of senior-level business experience working with thousands of individuals at various stages of their lives and careers.

She has worked for notable global companies such as The William Morris Agency, JWT, TBWA Chiat Day, Publicis, USTA and Nintendo.


She works with C-Suite, leadership, people managers, and diverse teams. With over two decades of vast experience in Human Resources, she lasers in on people’s strengths and their untapped abilities to best serve them at a higher level. She has a listening heart, a non-judgmental demeanor and a competitive edge that serves all that work with her well.

She enjoys fitness, travel, reading non-fiction, and spending time with friends and family.

"Over the years, I’ve developed a finely tuned results detector.
I get right to the heart of issues with kindness and refreshing candor — so you can take action on what truly matters
in your career and life."

- Kate Walker

Kate's Consulting

The power to make confident decisions and communicate effectively is ninja-level stuff that nobody gives you a handbook for. It has the awesome ability to infuse your personal or professional endeavors with purpose and peace.

Through her individual coaching, corporate training and speaking, and online group coaching opportunities, she’s dedicated to helping people learn these skills so they can life more fully in every area of their lives!

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Have a question?

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