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The Art of Running WOW Meetings

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Meetings can feel unproductive or draining for a variety of reasons. This can be due to lack of a clear agenda, poor time management, irrelevant discussions, or ineffective leadership. Do you dread attending dull, time-wasting meetings day after day? Do you find yourself losing focus and discreetly scrolling your phone? Do you find yourself wondering ‘why the heck am I here? what’s the point?’ Or do you worry about running meetings because you tend to meander, end up in the weeds, and lose audience focus? Maybe you planned for a strategic discussion and the group ends up talking about TikTok viral videos. Fun, but nothing gets done. You are not alone. No matter what your role is in the company – ranging from brand new Assistant all the way up to the CEO – you can make an impact and set the tone for a productive meetings experience. Implementing strategies such as setting clear objectives, establishing a structured agenda, assigning roles, and encouraging active participation can help make meetings more efficient and engaging. Running WOW meetings can help facilitate discussion of valuable insights which ultimately makes a positive impact on the company. In this Masterclass, Kate will teach you how to leverage your skills to make the right impressions and run meetings that provide clarity, positivity, and results. In this webinar you’ll learn how to: • Leverage Purpose and Intended Result as a strategic game changer. • Identify concrete steps to Facilitate the Top 6 Types of Meetings • Better position yourself to be noticed by colleagues and others who want to know your secret for running Wow meetings. INDIVIDUALS will learn: Why it’s never too late to learn these techniques and tactics that make you look like a natural born leader when implemented. LEADERS will learn: Tools and approaches that create transformative experiences and results. FREE workbook is available at the end of the training!

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