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Savvy Leader

1 Day VIP HR Consult
* let's zoom or meet anywhere in the US

My clients tell me that they need:
Team clarity delivered - fast!

... who is ready to create a solid team strategy, fix broken foundations, structures, and systems. You desire experienced support to deliver on business results and refuse to DIY it any longer.

Yes, you have a mission, but are struggling with how to run the team in a clear way that eliminates confusion and redundancy. You’re frustrated and so is your team. It’s time to stop the struggle.

You’re eager. You’re smart and willing to do the work as the Leader. Yet, you're wondering - why is it so hard to get people rowing in the same direction and delivering superstar performances?

You’re a people leader...

Team Meeting

You may be thinking...

  • Your team is unhappy and you pray that ‘The Great Resignation’ hasn’t hit your shores

  • The days are chaotic, unorganized, and frenzied and you can’t seem to get ahead of it

  • You’re frustrated that your team isn’t owning and nailing their jobs. 

  • Your business systems and team structure is broken or non-existent 

  • Your angst keeps you up at night, and it’s difficult to manage that stress 

  • You wonder how to eliminate frustrations and turn them around in a clear and easy way.

  • You deeply desire to create a cohesive team strategy that keeps the right people in the right seats.

You start by building a team strategy that answers these questions and more. 

Team clarity gives you clear direction and strategy to move forward in your business.

  • 10x business results by having your team own their role in the business.

  • Getting back into your Chief Visionary Officer mindset

  • Giving up your hyper-control and micromanagement.

  • Accelerating your path to getting things fixed and achieving results. 

  • Transforming your team so they have you impressed and excited, instead of frustrated.

  • Finally feeling supported, understood, liked, respected - all with more ease 

  • Mastering the energetics of business and leadership 

  • Reclaiming your sparkle!





Savvy Leader: 1 Day of Strategy

This is a 6-Hour HR Immersion via Zoom where we co-create and build your team strategy foundation giving you the clear direction you need to move forward and share your compelling goals & go-forward plan with your team.

You’ll go from spinning in circles trying to do it all on your own to having your entire team figured out: organize the team, clarify roles on the team, deploy the team, identify levers that the team wants and needs, identify how to keep continuous engagement, deploy coaching, deploy performance reviews, provide a positive team experience, set up team dynamics so you feel supported, and earn their commitment. Design a team that sets you apart. You’ll finally be clear! 

Limited Space Available.

When companies stumble and they inevitably do, it is not about mass underperformance, it is about leadership. Don’t blame the people for your mistakes.

How do you become an exemplary leader? 
As inspired by “The Leadership Challenge" -

01. Inspire a Shared Vision

Create a compelling picture of how things could be better.

02. Model the Way

Be a role model for the values and behaviors that you want to see in others.

03. Enable Others to Act

Provide resources and support so that people can do what needs to be done.

04. Challenge the Process

Make it safe for people to raise concerns about how things are working.

05. Encourage the Heart

Show appreciation for efforts made by others and encourage employee’s personal growth through praise and recognition.

What's included?

• Kate's pre-review of any relevant materials about your business, team, processes and approaches that are working and not working. 


• A four (6) hour Immersive via Zoom or upgrade for "in person". It's both strategy and thought partnership.

• A Team Plan Summary completed by Kate and delivered to you one week after your session. It's a reference guide to help you implement.


• 14 days of Voxer access to Kate for follow up Q&A.


"I was continually impressed with Kate's knowledge of the details of the business and her ability to get leaders who started out on opposite sides of the solution to come to agreement. Kate's knack to influence others in a gentle, yet firm, non-condescending and impactful manner is to be admired. In addition to gaining the trust of the leaders."

HR Professional

Kate is a knowledgeable and bold coach. She’s upbeat and uplifting—guiding but firm. She offers different and insightful perspectives. I first started working with Kate during a time of great career challenges and transition in a high profile job. She helped me get focused, confident, and inspired. Not long after we started working together, I moved on to an even better opportunity. I’ve been working with her regularly. My career, personal brand, and decision-making is the better for it.”

D.M. Hughes
Executive Director, Design & UX

“I am very happy to have Kate as my coach. She provides a good support system with smart guidance on how to reach your goals. She is full of knowledge and experience which she is always willing to share. I have substantially benefited from working with her. I have become more confident in myself and feel more prepared for life.”

K. Ching
PR Professional

Wouldn't it be exciting if you could uncomplicate strategies and systems to leverage your ultimate team success? 

I specialize in sensible solutions for your toughest people leadership challenges. I’ve helped simplify complex problems for executive teams and leaders. 

Hi, I'm Kate

As an HR Consultant and Executive Coach, I help leaders and aspiring leaders navigate complex situations, help make sense of the post-pandemic world, and share the playbook that creates a profitable path. I provide a confidential space for you to work through your decisions safely and confidently.


I customize my coaching to meet you where you're at. We develop a plan together to move you toward goals, action, and results. I'm not into gimmicks or prescriptive methods. My approach is accessible, thoughtful, candid, and kind. 

"Kate's vast experience provided objective guidance to up-level how to market myself. Kate was always there for me. Quick to respond with important feedback especially when I was on deadline. She leads with heart and really cared about how to help me reach my career goals."

L. Chambers
Entertainment Industry

“When you run your own business, it's challenging to get feedback and insights into your personal and professional development and growth. Through her Individual Coaching program, Kate helps me gain better perspectives into areas of growth for myself and my business. With her help, I'm able to improve my performance and, in turn, better serve my clients.”

R. Santwer
Web Entrepreneur


Savvy Leader: Half-Day Immersion

This is a Half-Day Immersion via Zoom where we co-create and build your team strategy foundation giving you the clear direction you need to move forward and share your compelling goals & go-forward plan with your team.

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