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Savvy Leader

* let's Zoom or meet anywhere in the US

Unlock Team Clarity & Peak Performance 

Discover a Full Day of Transformation:
Seeking clarity for your team's direction?
Frustrated with chaos, confusion, and underperformance?
Let's deep dive into your team's strategy, structure,
and systems to pave the way for stellar results.

Your Challenges:

  • A team at odds with your vision.

  • Chaotic days where you're always playing catch up.

  • Underutilized or misaligned roles and responsibilities.

  • The looming threat of 'The Great Resignation'.

  • Stress, angst, and sleepless nights.

Team Meeting

The Savvy Leader Solution:

  • Achieve 10x business results. Empower your team to take ownership.

  • Transition from micromanager to visionary leader.

  • Elevate team dynamics, boosting morale and productivity.

  • Harness the energetics of leadership and reignite your passion.

Savvy Leader: 1-Day Strategy Immersion:

  • Duration: 6 Hours

  • Platform: Zoom (In-person upgrade available)

  • Objective: Co-create and establish your clear and optimized team strategy.

What to Expect:

         Pre-session Analysis: Kate reviews your team's current state and challenges.

         Focused Immersion: Engage in a partnership that combines strategy with thought leadership.

         Post-session Clarity: Receive a Team Plan Summary one week post-session.


         14 Days of Support: Access Kate via Voxer for any follow-up Q&A.

Your Leadership Roadmap: As inspired by “The Leadership Challenge" book:

         Inspire a Shared Vision: Paint a bright future.

         Model the Way: Embody the change you want to see.

         Enable Others to Act: Empower your team with the right resources.

         Challenge the Process: Encourage constructive feedback.

         Encourage the Heart: Praise, recognize, and grow your team.


"I was continually impressed with Kate's knowledge of the details of the business and her ability to get leaders who started out on opposite sides of the solution to come to agreement. Kate's knack to influence others in a gentle, yet firm, non-condescending and impactful manner is to be admired. In addition to gaining the trust of the leaders."

HR Professional

Kate is a knowledgeable and bold coach. She’s upbeat and uplifting—guiding but firm. She offers different and insightful perspectives. I first started working with Kate during a time of great career challenges and transition in a high profile job. She helped me get focused, confident, and inspired. Not long after we started working together, I moved on to an even better opportunity. I’ve been working with her regularly. My career, personal brand, and decision-making is the better for it.”

D.M. Hughes
Executive Director, Design & UX

“I am very happy to have Kate as my coach. She provides a good support system with smart guidance on how to reach your goals. She is full of knowledge and experience which she is always willing to share. I have substantially benefited from working with her. I have become more confident in myself and feel more prepared for life.”

K. Ching
PR Professional

“When you run your own business, it's challenging to get feedback and insights into your personal and professional development and growth. Through her Individual Coaching program, Kate helps me gain better perspectives into areas of growth for myself and my business. With her help, I'm able to improve my performance and, in turn, better serve my clients.”

R. Santwer
Web Entrepreneur

"Kate's vast experience provided objective guidance to up-level how to market myself. Kate was always there for me. Quick to respond with important feedback especially when I was on deadline. She leads with heart and really cared about how to help me reach my career goals."

L. Chambers
Entertainment Industry

Your Opportunity: Unlock straightforward solutions to your toughest leadership challenges. With extensive experience, Kate has simplified the intricate for executives and leaders like you.


Also available: Savvy Leader Half-Day Immersion


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