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HR & Team Consulting with Kate Walker

​Happy Teams.
Higher Profits.

Achieve business clarity and drive team excellence.

The Challenge:

●      Are ineffective communication and processes undermining your team's potential?
●      Is rapid growth, reorganization, or under-performance straining your team dynamics?
●      Concerned that silent issues may erode your team's morale and culture?

Every challenge a business leader faces can be transformed with the right strategy and guidance.

Our Approach:

1. HR Consulting & Executive Coaching:
A customized, flexible approach addressing core team challenges impacting your bottom line. Experience a rich feedback loop, gaining valuable insights as you make informed decisions to foster improvement and deliver results.

2. Professional Development & Performance Feedback:
Bridge the perception and reality of performance. With the 360 Performance Review process, gain actionable feedback aligning everyone with the company's vision.

3. Team Facilitation & Masterminding:
Harness the collective power of ideas, resources, and experiences. Enjoy transformational group conversations that are purposeful, driven, and solution-oriented.

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Why Choose 
Kate's Consulting?

●      Experience: Over two decades of HR expertise, distilled into powerful strategies.
●      Customized Solutions: Tailored to address your unique challenges and goals.
●      Actionable Insights: Clear, implementable steps for immediate impact.

What Awaits You:

●      Restore and invigorate your team's culture and morale.

●      Navigate complex people issues confidently, avoiding pitfalls.

●      Design and implement effective processes and systems.

●      Facilitate strategic team planning sessions efficiently.


Kate is a knowledgeable and bold coach. She’s upbeat and uplifting—guiding but firm. She offers different and insightful perspectives. I started working with Kate during a time of great career challenges and transition to a high-profile job. She helped me get focused, confident, and inspired. Not long after we started working together, I moved on to an even better opportunity. I’ve been working with her regularly. My career, personal brand, and decision-making are the better for it.”

D.M. Hughes
Executive Director, Design & UX

Streamline, optimize, and uplift your team dynamics with Kate Walker, a seasoned HR professional dedicated to fostering leadership and team excellence.

Ready to Transform Your Team?

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