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​Happy Teams.
Higher Profits.

Human Resources &
Team Consulting

Is your business or team effectiveness hindered by poor connection, communication, or processes? 


Let's reinvigorate the experience of managing teams to improve performance, culture, work-life and to drive better outcomes. 

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If you’ve lost hope on creating the business of your dreams because managing people and processes is difficult you don’t have to GIVE UP.

  • ​Are you encountering fast growth?

  • Reorganization?

  • Under-performance?

  • Outdated or ineffective communication and people processes?

  • Blame games?

  • Are the wrong people in the wrong seats?

  • Do you fear that quiet quitters are lurking amongst your team?

Everything you’re going through as a business leader is normal and there’s a way to solve every problem you’re facing by inspiring, managing, hiring, firing, and delegating to your team. 

You don’t have to give up the dream of your business because managing people and leading teams can feel overwhelming, difficult, or time consuming.

Every day that you let toxicity, uncertainty, and miscommunication simmer, the more expensive and complicated your organization’s problems become.

There’s no people leadership or management problem you’re facing

that we can’t solve together.

Click below to solve your HR & Team problems

You're a people leader...

​... who is eager to create a solid team strategy to fix broken foundations, structures, and systems. You want clarity and you want to deliver business results. For you, waiting is not an option. 

Sleepless nights? You're worried that...

  • The people issues on my team are chaotic, unorganized, frenzied and you can’t seem to get ahead of it

  • You have an incredible team surrounding you but wonder why morale and culture is fading.

  • The team is no longer an "A" team. What happened?

  • You're incredible at your job, but frankly, nobody trained you how to manage complex people issues.

  • You find yourself too busy to deal with drama. So things get pushed down the road.

  • You don't know who to trust to hold space for private, confidential conversations.

  • Support and guidance feels like it could be extremely complicated and time consuming. 



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HR Consulting can provide you clear direction
and strategy to move forward in your business.
In a timeframe that you desire.


HR Consulting

Executive Coaching

My version of HR Consulting is a customized, flexible interaction to solve your most important people and team issues that impact the bottom line. Consulting provides a high level of interaction and support.

Experienced coaching creates the perfect feedback loop so that leaders and executives can gain valuable opinions, feedback and tools as they seek to implement tangible improvement and results.


Professional Development

Performance Feedback

This service helps your company, team, or specific individuals bridge the gap between the personal perception of performance vs what attributes are actually gaining

recognition and results.

Perception, awareness, and attributes influence decisions about promotions, making more money, professional opportunities and more.

With my 360 performance reviews process, I will assist you and your team in gaining the right feedback to get everyone back on track and aligned

with the vision.​


Team Facilitation


Henry Ford had a mastermind group. Andrew Carnegie and Thomas Edison did too. 


Why Mastermind with a small team at your company?

Because the collective sharing of ideas, resources, insights, knowledge, experience, and connections is powerful. Get stuff solved with professional facilitation. 

 3 Ways I Work With You & Your Team: 

Leadership is about making one smart decision after another and setting a positive, productive tone
for others to follow.

Group Discussion

Option 1:

Human Resources Consulting High-Level Advisory

High level consulting and coaching creates the perfect feedback loop so that leaders and executives can gain valuable opinions and feedback as they seek continual improvements and results.


An experienced advisor can help you refine your instincts, improve your judgment, elevate your work culture, uncover blind spots, and expand your perspective so that you’re consistently making great, well-informed decisions that move your business forward.


My clients typically come to me with 2 - 4 high level, strategic human resources, or 'people' goals that they'd like to discuss and resolve with my professional expertise. We make a plan to work on these goals with built-in breathing room and flexibility. 


I offer monthly packages where we co-create, build, fix high level people-strategy processes, systems, and plans. You walk away with the clear direction you need to move forward with your team and business results. 

HR Consulting is perfect for you if you are looking for experienced partnership. You can truly get to the heart of the issues and fix problems with professional support. 

HR Consult

Option 2:

Professional Development
Performance Feedback

​A multi-rater performance feedback (also known as 360 reviews) are an incredible and powerful source of information and insight. That's what I'll help you with.

Reviews can feel nerve-wracking and overwhelming. Performance feedback should help employees understand the expectations and opportunities in their job.


Development does not equal incompetence. It equals empowerment.

My 360 Development Review services is powerful, easy, and accessible.  This review is based on competencies - not someone's job description duties. It's the HOW aspect of your work. 

I provide 2 options to provide this service in a neutral, professional way that you can feel confident about.


Digital 360 Development Review

Provides you private access to an online tool that includes a self-review, plus the option for manager and peer reviews. No limit to how many raters. The full report is compiled and provided to the individual to review at their own pace. The report is informative and not overwhelming.

360 Development Review plus VIP 

Receive your completed report PLUS receive up to 90 minutes of high-level 1:1 coaching guidance that will discuss how to best incorporate, leverage, and amplify the feedback. We'll figure out which strengths to continue honing and where you can really start moving the dial and making stronger impact. These meetings are powerful and actionable. 

Business Colleagues
360 Review
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Option 3:

Team Facilitation

Why Mastermind with a small team at your company?


Because the collective sharing of ideas, resources, insights, knowledge, experience, and connections is powerful. Get important topics discussed and solved with experienced professional facilitation. 

No matter where you’re starting from or what you want to focus on -- facilitated group conversation is transformational. Everybody can sit back and participate without having to worry about who is leading (or cluelessly taking over) the conversation.

Gather a small group of smart people (how about your Leadership Team or Senior Managers?) at your company who you’ll meet  (usually virtually) every two weeks. We’ll lean on each other and tackle people leadership, development challenges, hot topics, or other questions and solutions together. It's a fun and productive format. 


Now, you're asking...

Why would this help? Why do I need this? What will I learn?

  • Conversation and hot topics led by a neutral facilitator can produce more honest, transparent, impactful conversation. It allows everybody to participate, with the facilitator navigating and leading tricky points of conversation. The facilitator can advocate for accountability.

  • It's a confidential and trusted space for people leaders or other similar-minded groups to work through challenges and decisions.

  • Discuss leadership tools and tactics that help make leading teams easier.

  • Explore team structure to help grow and support high performing team

  • Share strategies to build, grow and oversee the team. Design the right team so you can take that vacation that you deserve.

  • Review processes, systems, and future growth strategies to leverage talent.

  • Learn how to plan and facilitate team strategy planning sessions.


Kate is a knowledgeable and bold coach. She’s upbeat and uplifting—guiding but firm. She offers different and insightful perspectives. I first started working with Kate during a time of great career challenges and transition in a high profile job. She helped me get focused, confident, and inspired. Not long after we started working together, I moved on to an even better opportunity. I’ve been working with her regularly. My career, personal brand, and decision-making is the better for it.”

D.M. Hughes
Executive Director, Design & UX

"Kate's vast experience provided objective guidance to up-level how to market myself. Kate was always there for me. Quick to respond with important feedback especially when I was on deadline. She leads with heart and really cared about how to help me reach my career goals."

L. Chambers
Entertainment Industry

Hi, I'm Kate

As a Business and Executive Coach, I work closely with people leaders who desire personalized, high-level mentorship to catapult their vision and goals forward.

I’ve helped thousands of individuals at various stages of their lives and careers feel better-equipped to rise above the daily stresses that often lead to career burnout, communication breakdown, or organizational apathy.

I'll get right to the heart of issues with kindness and refreshing candor. 


✔︎ Increase personal and company-wide productivity

✔︎ Cut through ambiguity with powerful guidance

Ready for a jolt of refreshing momentum that’s both practical and fun?

If you want to streamline and optimize your endeavors, you will need to learn how to take focused, strategic action and have daily interactions that move things forward rather than set you back.

I'm a senior professional in human resources who specializes in helping global companies develop their leaders and employees to the fullest.

Ready for a jolt of refreshing momentum that’s both practical and fun?

Have a question?

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