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Best Selling Book "A Candid Conversation - Lessons in Life, Love & Leadership"

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The book is available at 39,000 retailers worldwide. 

"Such an insightful read. She hits on all the major topics that are relevant and tugging at high performing women" - Melissa H.

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It's better to go with someone, rather than go alone. Come along with Kate.

Juicy takeaways from the book ... 


A Candid Conversation is both a memoir and a guide to reflection and empowerment, sharing the advice and tools Kate wishes she’d had while navigating relationship dynamics, single parenthood, career pursuits, and entrepreneurship.


Learn how to close a life chapter, avoid pitfalls, and design your future by becoming your own best leader. You, too, can find success on your own terms.


Kate teaches you about:

  • Navigating new chapters

  • How to make confident decisions in the face of uncertainty by embracing values-based audits and self-assessment.

  • Redefining leadership: Explore how true leadership begins with leading oneself and uncover strategies to take control of your destiny.

  • From scarcity to abundance mindset: Overcome scarcity mentality and unlock an abundant mindset that attracts success and financial prosperity.

  • Re-writing family money patterns:  Uncover the impact of upbringing on your relationship with money and how to rewrite generational money narratives.

  • Navigating divorce and financial independence: Gain insights into navigating divorce while maintaining financial independence and fostering personal growth.

  • Crafting your authentic life design: Designing a life that aligns with your values and desires, prioritizing joy and fulfillment.

  • The courage to reinvent yourself: Transition from a demanding corporate role to pursuing your passions and why reinvention is key to fulfillment.

Reader Feedback for "A Candid Conversation"

Robyn M. 
Chartered Professional Accountant

I related strongly to the experiences and sentiments of Kate’s book, and appreciate her commentary on life and leadership. Particularly on “shipping it”, even if it doesn’t meet with perfection (anyone else relate? Just me?). Having also grown up in a home dominated by alcohol, and being the nerdy kid at school, to being a leader and solopreneur, I felt an immediate kinship to the author. Kate, thank you for writing so poignantly about your experiences.

Bryn F.
Director of Client Relations 

This book is an emotional journey through the complexities of relationships, habits, work, and personal growth. It tugs at the heartstrings and gives advice on genuine communication from someone who has been there and learned. What truly stood out is Kate’s voice – a comforting blend of wisdom and vulnerability. I saw her experiences from my own perspective, my mothers, my friends. Her approach to life is universal and intimate, and she gives the reader insight into every aspect of life at any age. Kate’s words are a heartfelt embrace, reminding us of the beauty and challenges of life. It's a treasure for anyone seeking not just to grow but to feel deeply.

Kayley H.
Owner, PR Agency

With her multifaceted roles as a mother to two sons, a former corporate executive, and now a thriving entrepreneur, Kate Walker offers readers a deeply personal journey. Through her narrative, she delves into the art of rediscovering one's voice, understanding self-worth, and making courageous life decisions, all while maintaining an unwavering positivity. Engaging with Kate's experiences felt reminiscent of my own introspective moments, those times when hindsight's clarity made me yearn for earlier wisdom. 

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Kelsey C.
Intern Program Manager / HR

As a young woman working to become the best version of myself, I have begun to reflect on my own experiences and audit my life of the people and things that no longer align with my values. A Candid Conversation not only provides the tools to help get there but it sparks new conversations and encourages me to keep going.  

Alina R.
Digital Media Analyst

Kate shares her raw experiences and how she matured her outlook on life from it. Sharing such intimate details of your life is never easy, but Kate does a phenomenal job relating every experience, whether it was positive or negative, into a lesson anyone at any age can learn from. As a 25-year-old woman, I can relate to a lot of the experiences Kate shares. Seeing my closest friends struggling with relationships in college or personally trying to climb the corporate ladder to make a living, the powerful lessons Kate describes are very eye-opening and help bring in a new perspective on how to handle certain situations. I believe every young woman would benefit from reading this book!

Kathleen S. 
Sr HR Business Partner

I did not know what to expect when I cracked open A Candid Conversation. However, by the end of the first chapter I found myself reflecting on my own dating life and relationships over the past 30 years. Miss Walker shares what I believe are her most personal and vulnerable moments in order for others to reflect, grow, and hopefully not step into the same pitfalls that she clearly points out from her past. The questions that she poses throughout the book offer an opportunity for the reader to reflect and take stock on their own journey. 



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