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These services are built with YOU in mind.

The power to make confident decisions and communicate effectively is ninja-level stuff that nobody gives you a handbook for. It has the awesome ability to infuse your personal or professional endeavors with purpose and peace.

Through Kate's individual coaching, corporate training and speaking, and online group coaching opportunities, she’s dedicated to helping people learn these skills so they can live more fully in every area of their lives!

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My personalized 1-1 private executive coaching is based on over 20 years of training, successes, and even setbacks distilled into powerful insights. I’ve helped thousands of individuals around the world tap into their strengths and skills to design abundant, exciting careers and lives.

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Savvy Leader


Wouldn't it be exciting if you could uncomplicate strategies and systems to leverage your ultimate team success? Savvy Leader is a half-day HR Immersion via Zoom where we co-create and build your team strategy foundation giving you the clear direction you need to move forward and share your compelling goals & go-forward plan with your team.

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If you want to streamline and optimize your endeavors, you team will need to learn how to take focused, strategic action and have daily interactions that move things forward rather than set you back.

I help global companies develop their employees to the fullest with consulting, 360 review support, and team training.


For the past two decades, I've been busy working as a senior-level HR executive for some of the world's most iconic names in advertising, marketing, sports, and entertainment.  

I have worked with thousands of individuals, to help them focus on their expertise, dig deep down on who they truly are, and explore what passions fuel their own successes.

No matter where you’re at with your career or other life pursuits, I can coach and guide you to discover and embrace the strengths, talents, and skills that set you apart. Your self-diagnosed flaws or flops? We’ll dive in and find the lessons pointing you toward smart steps forward.

My strength is cutting through your strategic clutter and get to the heart of issues with kindness and refreshing candor. As a result, you’ll be able to take action on what truly matters and sidestep unnecessary dramatic fluff to achieve your goals with greater clarity, motivation, structure, and ease.

Not sure which program is the right fit for you?

Send me a message and see what's best aligned with your needs.


K. Ching, Human Resources Professional

“I am very happy to have Kate as my coach. She provides a good support system with smart guidance on how to reach your goals. She is full of knowledge and experience which she is always willing to share. I have substantially benefited from working with her. I have become more confident in myself and feel more prepared for life.”

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