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Frustration is optional.
Get a career secret weapon. 

Invest in HR mentorship and solutions that impact people, culture & your business results.


Meet Kate Walker

Kate Walker is an Executive Leadership, Human Resources Expert, and Author. SPHR and SHRM-SCP certified, Kate has over two decades of senior-level corporate Human Resources experience, serving as Human Resources Director at global companies in marketing, gaming, and sports, including Nintendo, United States Tennis Association, Publicis, and TBWA.


Kate’s HR and Leadership Consulting practice provides the solutions leaders need to create empowered, thriving workplaces with less breakdown and fatigue. As an experienced executive consultant, Kate will tell you how things are — not how you perceive them to be.


Kate is a trusted thought partner who provides professional support and coaching for leaders and their teams as they actively move toward improving performance, culture, and work-life and driving better outcomes.

"Kate was always very engaged during our time together.

I valued her objective insight and consistently implemented her advice after each session." - Dr Nicole Yates


Become an exceptional
people manager

New Managers need transformative hit-the-ground-running tactics and custom support that expertly pulls back the curtain on the entire employee experience from hiring to firing. 


New Manager Academy is a cohesive 6-month training and live mentorship program meticulously crafted to shape exceptional leaders who not only inspire and achieve results but also navigate the complexities of today's modern work environment, driving better outcomes within your company. 

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Revitalize your team dynamics with Kate Walker's HR & Team Consulting. Tailored strategies address core challenges, foster improved communication, and drive team excellence. From HR consulting to mastermind facilitation, unlock the full potential of your team. Contact us today for transformative solutions.

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Unlock unparalleled team clarity with Kate Walker's VIP 1-Day HR Consult. Dive deep into strategy, reshape team dynamics, and transition from overwhelmed leader to visionary chief. Elevate your leadership with a transformative day tailored for actionable results. Limited slots - seize your transformation now!

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Explore personalized 1:1 coaching for people leaders with Kate Walker. Drawing from two decades of corporate experience, Kate offers bespoke strategies tailored to your unique challenges. Engage in collaborative sessions that value your time and professional growth. Embark on making changes toward decisions and actions in support of your goals.


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Leadership is challenging. Do you feel like…

  • You desire to run an organization and team where you're the Visionary In Charge?

  • You want to oversee a motivated group who are aligned with the mission?

  • You wish to lead a team who owns their responsibilities and executes with excellence?

I hear you.

I have helped thousands of executives, leaders, and young professionals to:

  • Become admired people leaders

  • Navigate workplace drama and emerge stronger

  • Uncover, discover, and break through their professional and personal roadblocks

  • Fine-tune their personal brand by way of powerful conversations

  • Do it all while feeling confident, hopeful, inspired, supported, safe, empowered, and understood


I get to the heart of professional issues and crossroads with kindness and refreshing candor.


My efforts empower clients to:

  • Take action on what truly matters

  • Sidestep unnecessary noise

  • Achieve goals with greater clarity, motivation, structure, and ease

What people are saying

“Kate, I have to compliment you. Your coaching style made me feel very comfortable as we discussed my 360 review feedback. As one of the highest-ranking people in my company, I was hesitant going into our meeting. Your easy demeanor, presence, and ability to professionally navigate our coaching conversation was extremely reassuring. Some of the feedback on my review results felt negative, but you helped me reframe feedback in ways that felt like positive opportunities.”

M.E. - Senior Principal

human resources consulting firm

Have a lot on your plate?

As your Executive Leadership & HR Coach, I create a safe and confidential space for you to work through your problems confidently.


Together we will cut through the uncertainty and overwhelm and come up with a plan for:

  • Designing optimized organization and team strategy

  • Coaching your team and navigating communication

  • Achieving work-life integration

  • Powerful leadership effectiveness

  • Change management

  • Workplace culture elevation

Want the inside scoop?

  • Are you an inspiring leader who wishes you had more inside information?

  • Do you ever wonder what company leaders, human resources, and your teams are saying about you? Or not saying to you?

  • Are you looking to dive into the inner secrets of corporate, leadership tools, career-pathing, or how to manage work-life integration?

With my tenure as an HR leader in corporate, I have firsthand experience in knowing what influential business leaders are looking for when they hire, promote and calibrate talent. ​​​​

I will empower you with this knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Have a question?

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✔︎ Free resources to help elevate leadership and team effectiveness.

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