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Helping leaders build rockstar teams.
Build, scale, grow revenue with a team. And, create great culture along the way.
As you lead and grow your business, you have a lot of important decisions to make. If you want to hire, develop, and retain, you need a plan. 
Working with a coach creates the confidential space for you to work through your decisions
safely and confidently.

Providing leaders breakthrough strategies for:

- Ease

- Transformation

- Results

I want to help you cut through the uncertainty and overwhelm.

I help you uncover, discover, and break through roadblocks with confidence to feel  inspired, supported, elevated and empowered.

What’s on your mind?

  • Leadership effectiveness

  • Building truly engaged teams

  • Improving culture

  • Navigating difficult conversations

  • Personal brand or presence

  • Making BIG decisions

  • Achieving work-life integration

  • Manifesting inner and outer wealth

Hi, I'm Kate.

For the past two decades, I've been in high-demand as a senior-level HR executive for some of the world's most iconic names in advertising, marketing, sports, and entertainment.  

I have personally worked with thousands of individuals, to help them focus on their expertise, dig deep down on who they truly are, and explore what passions fuel their own successes.

No matter where you’re at with your career or other life pursuits, I can coach and guide you to discover and embrace the strengths, talents, and skills that set you apart. Your self-diagnosed flaws or flops? We’ll dive in and find the lessons pointing you toward smart steps forward.

My strength is cutting through your mental and emotional clutter to the heart of issues with kindness and refreshing candor. As a result, you’ll be able to take action on what truly matters and sidestep unnecessary dramatic fluff to achieve your goals with greater clarity, motivation, structure, and ease.

It’s time to do the inner work so you can actually love your life.


As an experienced HR leader and coach, I help women identify and break through career roadblocks, uncertainty, and overwhelm in order to increase confidence and impact.

If you want to advance your career, you'll need to learn how to take strategic action in a focused direction and have daily interactions that move you forward rather than set you back. Sometimes you have to get out of your own way.  Let’s take out the guesswork. 

Every individual has different needs and ideas. Therefore, my coaching approach is not prescriptive. Let's talk, so we can find clarity about where you are and where you want to go. My individual coaching not a forced curriculum. It's a flexible journey designed to help you take stock of your situation and gain the perspective and skills necessary to make bold changes.


Just starting out on your career path?  Perfect. Been at it a while and ready to refresh and regroup? I've got you.

Work with an experienced coach

Do you ever wonder what company leaders, human resources, and your teams are saying about you?  Or not saying to you? 

I’m in talent planning meetings behind closed doors and can tell you what they are saying.

Are you looking to dive into the inner secrets of corporate, leadership tools, career-pathing, or how to manage work-life integration? I know what influential business leaders are looking for when they hire, promote and calibrate talent. 

I have helped thousands of executives, leaders, young professionals, and intelligent motivated people elevate their individual careers and group endeavors through my 1-1 coaching, small group coaching, and workshops.

I help women uncover, discover, and break through their career and personal roadblocks with confidence to feel hopeful, inspired, supported, safe, elevated, and empowered.

I get right to the heart of professional issues and crossroads with kindness and refreshing candor.  My efforts empower clients to take action on what truly matters, sidestep unnecessary noise and achieve goals with greater clarity, motivation, structure, and ease.

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Lack of clarity is stressful. Let’s fix that!


My personalized 1-1 VIP executive coaching is based on over 20 years of training, successes, and even setbacks distilled into powerful insights. I’ve helped thousands of individuals around the world tap into their strengths and skills to design abundant, exciting careers and lives!

“I am very happy to have Kate as my coach. She provides a good support system with smart guidance on how to reach your goals. She is full of knowledge and experience which she is always willing to share. I have substantially benefited from working with her. I have become more confident in myself and feel more prepared for life.”

- K. Ching, Human Resources Professional

Small Group Mastermind

Small Group Coaching


The Inner Circle Mastermind is limited to a small group of individuals who come together for advanced brainstorming and accountability.

In the mastermind, we’ll work on specific goals—tapping into our collective wisdom, experience, and network to help one another take important action week after week.

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Team Consulting


If you want to streamline and optimize your endeavors, you team will need to learn how to take focused, strategic action and have daily interactions that move things forward rather than set you back.

I help global companies develop their employees to the fullest.

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