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It’s time for a Twitter contest, Amperfans! Grab your pens and pencils, because this artist’s giveaway will require some creativity! Draw us a picture or write us a short poem of your choosing and submit a picture of your creation to @ampersandinc using the hashtag #Icouldcreate by May 4th at 5:00pm to tell us what you could create if you had some Peter Pauper supplies! Contestants that submit a drawing are eligible to win some great Ampersand swag including an coloring book, a watercolor crayon set, and a handsome black blank notebook. Contestants that submit a poem are eligible to win a wonderful package including an coloring book, a beautifully ornate lined notebook, and a gorgeous letter stationery set. We are super excited to see what you can create for us, and we look forward to naming the winners May 5th at 3:00pm! Ready, set, Tweet!

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