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Become an exceptional
people manager

New Managers need transformative hit-the-ground-running tactics and custom support that expertly pulls back the curtain on the entire employee experience from hiring to coaching to retention and more. 


New Manager Academy is a cohesive 6-month training and live mentorship program meticulously crafted to shape exceptional leaders who not only inspire and achieve results but also navigate the complexities of today's modern work environment, driving better outcomes within your company. 

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Who is asking for manager training?

Company Leaders

CEOs want problems fixed right away with no excuses. Savvy, trained managers are needed immediately to guide and foster engaged employees who deliver business results.

If you’re switched on, ahead of the curve, and firmly believe that managers are the glue of your company – you want your company to be known for its excellent managers who people love to work for. 

HR Leaders

New, untrained, or wobbly managers can steal HR’s time, delay business results, make excuses, create inefficiencies, cover for poor team performance, oppress, complain, and add very little value.

It's no secret that these issues create urgency in HR.

HR is forced to hurry and research training options hoping to find custom help.

Look no further. Get your time back and let someone else help you with providing managers the training they need.


People management is tricky. Managers are navigating complex people issues as best they can. 

Now, add the fear of embarrassing public exposure about the boss on platforms like Glassdoor and TikTok.

As a manger, you want to hit confident expert status, attract dream team members, create daily ease and hold it. You desire to get noticed by others for your calm, know-how, and assured management style (and get recommended to mentor other managers). Let's get you ninja level tools so that you nail it.

The Messy Truth:


Employees do not quit companies.

They quit bad managers. This is quantified by data.

The consequences of subpar management are far-reaching, encompassing everything from diminished performance and rising business expenses to heightened employee turnover, unfavorable social media activity and negative Glassdoor reviews, and vulnerability to social media cancellation.

People managers are the backbone of any organization.

In New Manager Academy, I’ll share all of my tips, tricks, secrets, and corner-office-insider-info in a cohesive and simple way so that managing people gets easier. 

"Through her training, Kate helped me navigate employee relations, conflict resolution, and coaching my team."
Team Meeting

Kate & Kayley dishing on NMA. Listen in and get the scoop!
Interviewer: Kayley Hamilton: Hollywood Reporter & Founder of UpLvl Agency

When your business is full of managers with incredible potential but feeling unsupported, they are likely to (what we DON'T want):

  • Lack understanding about how to manage and navigate the "employee experience."

  • Monopolize HR’s time fixing problems, create team inefficiencies, allow poor team performance, and cost your company in dissatisfaction and turnover.

  • Struggle to have difficult conversations and deal with the extensive range of workplace issues in today’s society.

  • Lack confidence in autonomous decision-making and "think outside the box" approaches.

  • Lack flexibility with changing societal workplace needs. Glassdoor scrutiny and Tiktok cancellation culture starts with poor management.

  • Lose sleep over important conversations due to lack of know-how.​

When your company takes its managers' training and support seriously, it will create managers who (what we DO want):

  • Understand how to navigate the employee experience as a high functioning manager.

  • Tap into their capabilities to handle diverse situations adeptly without needing to knock at HR or Leadership’s door with one problem after the other.

  • Engage in creative thinking, problem-solving, and innovative solutions.

  • Master the art of communication, fostering committed and high-performing teams. Bye bye, high turnover.

  • Lead with confidence, grace, and act as role models without succumbing to burnout.

  • Are aware and ahead of new challenges in the modern-day workplace.

A business’s success comes down to one thing: its people

The yearning for support is real.
Here are fresh hot topics straight from a manager's mind in 2024:

man 5

Hi Kate, just following up on our conversation with a few thoughts. I am working through a few things related to management / leadership:

  1. Teaching vs. doing - struggling at times to teach vs. just do it myself (implications of this)

  2. Standards / Results - also somewhat related to #1 - allowing learning and teachable mistakes to happen without affecting client work.

  3. Better communication of what I need - especially for ambiguous ideas in my head that aren't flushed out completely.

It’s not always easy to go alone. It’s time to prioritize, train, and support our managers who are asking these kinds of questions.

Kate Walker.PNG

Creating and maintaining outstanding managers can be challenging

I've worked with dozens of CEOs and business owners over the years who tell me that their managers need easy-to-understand information and custom support that expertly pulls back the curtain on the entire management journey, from hiring, coaching, retention and more.


Top leaders don't want excuses about why managers are falling short. They want HR to hurry and fix the issues.


There is no time or resources for HR to build an in-house program. Boring workshops, industrialized courses, and dense management books are not going to create incredible managers.

After over two-decades as a senior HR leader, I have seen countless training programs for managers

fall short. That's why I wanted to create a program.

Get ready to create managers who:

  • Better understand the employee experience and navigate manager pain points.

  • Develop a leadership style geared toward promoting innovation, collaboration, and fostering a positive work culture.

  • Master the intricacies of effective communication to ensure consistent alignment and motivation within their team.

  • Seek practical solutions to maintain a work-life harmony while managing the demanding responsibilities of leadership.

  • Explore advanced management techniques and stay abreast of industry trends to remain at the forefront of professional practices.

  • Turn challenges into opportunities for personal and team growth through strategic problem-solving.

  • Stay informed about changing societal expectations in the workplace, evidenced by insights from platforms like Glassdoor and TikTok's evolving employee cancel culture.

  • Cultivate a reputation for adaptability, resilience, and thriving in dynamic business environments as a distinguished leader.

  • Develop a passion for crafting a workplace that not only attracts but retains top talent, fostering a culture centered on loyalty and dedication.

  • Achieve outstanding performance by surpassing department and company targets.

I have helped countless clients become better leaders

"She fostered relationship building, taught us a holistic overview of the company’s success from compliance issues to internal employee well-being, and the importance of a strong customer service mindset."

"Even though we were focusing on what to improve and how to change, it felt very validating to be seen, heard, and complimented by someone who knows the challenges of leadership."

"I think it was helpful to have an unbiased third party (Kate) involved with the coaching and breaking down the feedback."


You asked and I finally built it. Introducing
New Manager Academy

Hi, I'm Kate Walker and I've worked at high-functioning billion-dollar companies, and trust me, problems and difficulties are everywhere. 

The biggest problem I see right now is the quality and ease of training and support for managers in companies both big and small. 

Managers want to walk into their office feeling safe in the business. Their team is thriving, employees are a dream to work with, strategy processes are set and everything just feels “ahh its coming together."

I developed a curriculum to help companies modernize and improve how managers engage and coach employees.  It’s about coaching managers in a new and actionable way.

New Manager Academy

A six-month intensive transformational program tailored to help your managers go from good to great. From struggling to thriving. Learn the most frequently asked questions that you'll get as a manager and how to respond to them.

Join our Elite or On Demand Tiers

Elite Package

This is for the managers who desire to fast-track their management skills and be personally guided by Kate for 6-months via LIVE hot-seat group coaching.

What’s included:

  • MAJOR VALUE AND IMPACT ALERT: 6-months of bi-monthly LIVE hotseat group calls and mentoring access with Kate who walks alongside you.

  • Lifetime Access to the comprehensive on-demand digital-video training library (module descriptions below); work curated over my two decades as a business leader.

  • Lifetime library access allows you to revisit the material when you need information and support about the timely topics on your plate. 

  • Lifetime Access to the PDF workbooks.

  • Free access to new modules when they upload to the Library.

  • Invitations to attend guest speaker panels that bolster your learning

  • Learn with and from each other. Network with like-minded participants.

  • Receive special mentorship offers not available to others.


Bonus Modules:

  • Inspire Others With Your Leadership Principles

  • Develop Your Leadership Principles and How You Share Them with Others.

  • Does Gen Z Lack Soft Skills And Have Unrealistic Workplace Expectations?


Bonus Hotseat Discussions:

We will discuss controversial topics such as: We’ve seen the rise in Gen Z’s, their brilliance, and also their expectations and use of social media to cancel companies. Let’s talk about managing Gen Z and teaching soft skills effectively.

What happens next? After you enroll, you will receive access to the training library and hot-seat coaching calendar invitation for a 6-month duration. 

But first! We can have a brief chat to determine mutual fit in the Elite hot seat coaching group. We can talk live or in DMs. Click and we'll get scheduled immediately. 

Pay in full: 

Payment plans available. Let's book a call to discuss

Need more info? Let's jump on a call

On Demand

Not ready for your managers to jump into intensive, interactive real-time support just yet? Then you can grab the training library.

What's Included:

  • Get Lifetime Access to the comprehensive on-demand digital-video training library (module descriptions below); work curated over my two decades as a business leader.

  • Lifetime access allows you to revisit the material when you need information and support about timely topics on your plate. 

  • Get Lifetime Access to the PDF workbooks 

What happens next? After you enroll you will receive access to the training library.

The investment per person:

One time payment $1097


Don’t just take our word for it.
Here’s what people have to say about
working with Kate

"Great communication skills, detail oriented, and very supportive."

"I thought it was great to get outside/objective feedback on things I could be doing better - those opportunities don't happen often."

"Understanding how to have laser/quick report meetings, setting realistic goals. Seeing progress from one meeting with Kate to the next. Being able to talk about improvements being made."

"It was inspiring to experience her leadership as she seamlessly led teams and fostered a collaborative environment. Her coaching approach with department leaders enhanced team dynamics and encouraged individual growth. I was particularly impressed with her efficiency in problem-solving as she consistently demonstrated a keen ability to navigate challenges methodically and creatively while helping others do the same."

"By outlining a step-by-step guide and assigning ownership of certain aspects, she created accountability of the process that helps prevent things from falling through the cracks. This was always a collaborative effort where all our voices and ideas aided in this action plan."

"I feel we are stronger now than we were before, which enhances the quality and caliber of our work."

"Kate employs a collaborative working style focused on achieving results, consistently providing support throughout the entire process."


​Here's a sneak peek into New Managers Academy…

Curious about what to expect? Let’s look at what each module contains.


Module 1: How To Hire Your A-Team

Learn the basic blocks of hiring the very best people for your team, from creating the perfect job description to interviewing candidates and making the best hires.


Module 2:  Onboarding Strategies That Dazzle

First impressions last, which is why onboarding new team members can set the tone for your working relationship. Let’s cover how to plan for new arrivals, the first day, first week, and beyond.


Module 3: Inspire Them To Commit and Deliver

What attracts employees to join your company — and to stick with you? Let’s cover vision and role clarity, growth mapping, and opportunity identification.


Module 4: Get The Win: Manager as Coach

Viewing yourself as both a coach and a manager can be the key to unlocking your employee’s success. But what’s in a top coach’s playbook? Let’s look at player equipment, accountability, and key coaching strategies.


Module 5: Cultivate Dynamic Culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast — but how do you create a positive culture in the workspace? We’ll cover the importance of fostering a dynamic culture, from inspiring commitment and fostering synergy to empowering team members and maintaining continuous engagement. 


Module 6: The Art of Running WOW Meetings

Meetings don’t have to fill your employees with dread. Let’s look at the key elements of running meetings that wow your team. 


Module 7: How To Uncover Unexpected Areas of Innovation

Take your brainstorming and ideation processes to the next level with my top tricks. We’ll cover effective SWOT analysis, SOAR analysis, and action planning. 


Module 8: The #1 Fix To Transform Someone’s Career

If you’re not winning, you’re learning. Feedback can be a powerful way to problem-solve and nurture talent in your team. Let’s take a look at essential feedback tools for managers.


Module 9: How To Ace Crucial Conversations

Difficult conversations can be stressful — but they’re also opportunities for growth. This section will help you navigate and ace crucial conversations, and cover the difference between performance management and performance development. 


Module 10: Fix Or Fire The Problem Player?

Navigating this crossroads can be an incredibly difficult experience for even the most talented managers. Let’s talk about performance improvement plans, impactful coaching conversations, and handling terminations with grace.



Module 11: Inspire Others With Your Leadership Principles

What are leadership principles, how do you develop them, and how do you share them with others? We’ll cover all this and more in this bonus section.


Module 12: Does Gen Z Lack Soft Skills And Have Unrealistic Workplace Expectations?

Our last bonus section will cover a controversial topic: soft skills and Gen Z. Let’s talk about managing Gen Z and teaching soft skills effectively.


Hi, I’m Kate,

As a corporate senior human resources leader, my calendar was often booked with managers asking for help. As a Consultant, I am equally busy supporting and mentoring leaders and others.

Common topics? Navigating difficult employees. Team dysfunction. Lagging performance. Outdated team structure. Breakdown. Hard conversations. Does managing get easier?!


Managing people is an incredibly important job. And with the right mentorship and knowledge, it can be far less stressful.


Through strategic problem-solving and honest, powerful conversations, I’ve been able to help thousands of managers and leaders build out great teams, keep their people motivated, and handle difficult situations with grace and ease.


And now, I can help you too.


I created New Manager Academy because I know that next-level support is needed and often avoided. Managers are hoping and wishing that their employee will “self-fix.” Rarely does that happen.


In New Manager Academy, I’ll share all of my tips, tricks, secrets, and corner-office-insider-info in a cohesive and simple way.

Ready to take your management skills to the next level?

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  • Where can managers access the program?
    You can access the program in the training library which will be granted access upon completion of purchase.
  • What is lifetime access?
    You have lifetime access to the lifetime of this program. This means your managers can go at any pace they desire. Additionally, benefit from any new module uploaded into the library.
  • What are the hot seat calls?
    The hot seat calls are group calls. They're a confidential, nurturing space for emerging people managers to work through challenges and solve specific problems. Your managers will be able to ask Kate their direct and emerging questions. Calls take place twice per month and your managers will be a part of a cohort of like-minded managers. This collaborative, yet private setting will serve as a space to challenge mistaken assumptions, receive individualized attention, and fast-track your growth as a leader. You will also learn with each other and from each other.
  • Why is the VIP level 6 months?
    The VIP level of this program is 6-months in duration because that is the typical time it takes to create a transformation. 6 months will be ample time to understand successful people management and discover greater awareness for development opportunities and integrate your learnings.
  • What happens if I wish to upgrade to New Managers Elite?
    If you have opted for the self-paced level and wish to upgrade to hot seat calls with Kate then please reach out
  • Do you offer refunds?
    The price point for New Manager Academy is premium, yet accessible. It is priced for people who want to make an investment in themselves. A lot of time, care, and passion went into building this program. This program is intended for individuals who are committed to learning and development and creating a better experience for others as a people manager. The program requires a level of dedication and showing up for yourself. This is a program for people committed to their growth and doing the work. The Hot Seat coaching alone will be a transformative experience. Due to the live nature of this program, refunds are not available

Why you and why now?

New Managers Academy is the perfect fit for aspiring leaders who are eager to learn, develop, stretch, and become admired managers. Ordinary will no longer suffice.

From a newly appointed manager, an entrepreneur leading your own venture, or a seasoned business leader looking to refine your abilities, this transformative program is tailored to suit any emerging needs. I am so excited to support you.

With rapid changes in the management landscape there is no better time to access a wealth of knowledge, practical strategies, and expert guidance that will empower managers to excel in their role.

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